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Have you ever wondered which totem animal represents you? We’re out to answer the question you never thought to ask. And, we’ve teamed up with the cutting-edge design team from Thought Space Athletics to bring you a brand new series: the Totem Series.

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Lion Totem

The Lion Totem symbolizes one thing above all: power. It’s displayed throughout the pride and gives each member a certain sub-Saharan swagger. Power leads to confidence, bold action, and a freedom to create.

When the Lion Disc Golfer is on, it’s hard to keep up. More often than not, this player knows when and when not to go big, but with so much raw talent, they occasionally find trouble when they’re unable to resist the urge to showcase their strength. These lapses in judgement, however, are quickly remedied with another incredible shot.

There’s a certain anything-can-happen feel to the Lion Disc Golfer. They may not always win, but they’re the one everyone watches.

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